Ocean RusEnergy

Ocean RusEnergy - is a transnational company, with headquarters in Russia. The company brings together a group of companies engaged in the development, sales, logistics and service stations capable of producing electrical energy from the sea and ocean waves. The company has a number of Russian and international patents and copyrights. Products Ocean RusEnergy seeks to serve the final consumer of electrical energy. The consumer has its own power gains independence from the present suppliers of electricity, in addition to the return of capital investments wave power occurs within two - five years of service. In some cases, the payback can be about one year.

Available wave generators are very convenient to use, reliable in operation and practical. Lineup Ocean - the recognized world leader in efficiency in the extraction of electricity from offshore spaces. Just Ocean - this is the lowest cost of all equipment offered on the world market.

Our engineers have created a wave generator, which is a commodity substitute wind generator and solar panel. For the wave generator of Ocean RusEnergy fit everything related materials and equipment that are used in wind power and solar power. Selection of related equipment according to the same specifications, the same principles and the same model and brand manufacturers of controllers, batteries and inverters. Every person who came across the concept of wind power and solar power can be replaced instead of a wind generator and solar panel to put the wave generator and be sure that will get a lot more stability in electricity without thinking that the wind stops blowing silt sun is covered by clouds.

If you are interested in products and Ocean RusEnergy you choose to purchase for themselves for the beginning of wave power should go to our website under the heading "Application Development". By completing and sending us your application specialists Ocean RusEnergy first thing the dealer checks for office in your area selling products Ocean RusEnergy. After that, you will be contacted to begin negotiations to acquire you wave power production Ocean RusEnergy.

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