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Sell products Ocean RusEnergy Any company can have expressed interest to the wave generators.

To become a dealer of Ocean RusEnergy must first address a letter to the head office.

The first thing you need to figure out in Ocean RusEnergy the presence of an existing office in your area. Next, you need to discuss with an authorized representative of Ocean RusEnergy the planned implementation of the geography of our products. Also, you should discuss with an authorized representative of Ocean RusEnergy like and how it will be carried out promotional support production of wave power plants.

Most likely you will need to purchase in Ocean RusEnergy some equipment that will help you effectively sell the wave generators.

  • - Portable wave generator (smaller version) for a demonstration at your office the principle of operation of the product.
  • - A single module of the wave generator to demonstrate the performance of the product in sea water.
  • - Block module consisting of four wave generators to demonstrate operability of products directly on the site of a potential customer.

Before you begin organizing dealer locations in your area, you must first sign a dealership agreement. For dealer agreement you need to make a claim from your computer by clicking on the button "fill out an application."

The growth prospects of your dealership. At the initial stage of your business is engaged in wholesale deliveries of wave generators in your area. Then start your own business to supply related materials to the wave power plants getting them on the internal market of your region (batteries, controllers, inverters, cables and so on.). At your request, you can master the design of wave power facilities with all the requirements of local authorities and direct customers. If your desire and enough wave generators sold in conjunction with Ocean RusEnergy you can organize a service of technical support and maintenance service in your area.

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