Ocean 640

Ocean 640 - this is a unique float-volnogenerator receiving electrical power by converting the kinetic energy of the sea and ocean waves. 640 figures indicated the power output of electric power in watts.

Ocean 640 generates 640 watts of power. The weight of one unit of 160 kg. It is mobile and easy to transport. Dimeter volnogeneratora is 320 mm and height 2000 mm. Issued by the current - constant. In working condition is a 400 mm wave height.

If you need to generate power greater than 640 W (for supply of technical devices, a country house or other consuming elektrichestvostroeny) then you can connect the Ocean 640 in a block of four volnogeneratorov. Optionally, connect the blocks of four volnogeneratorov to obtain the desired value of electric power in kilowatts. The main pre-consult with Ocean RusEnergy. The main advantage of Ocean Ocean 160 to 640 is that for its connection to the power required to establish four times less volnogeneratorov, as essential advantage is considerable lower cost per kilowatt volnogeneratora acquired.

When connected to the float 640 Ocean power you need to purchase additional equipment are similar to those related to wind and solar power plants. Standard set of related equipment consists of a controller, battery and an inverter for converting power from DC to AC. Calculation of related equipment for power occurs in the same manner as in wind and solar power.

float-wave generator float-wave generator 4.jpg

Schematic diagram you can see on our website on the «Information».

Schematic diagram

Ocean 640 is not recommended to open without an authorized specialist company Ocean RusEnergy this is due to the fact that wave generator is airtight and waterproof. Wave generator tightness is achieved by the process and materials used by Ocean RusEnergy.

Technical characteristics

product height2000 mm
diameter wave generator320 mm
weight wave generator160 kg
the initial wave height400 mm
normal wave height1500 mm
the maximum wave height     there are no restrictions
energy capacity640 W
voltDC 14/28
operating conditionsWater Environment -5 +80
life8 years
maintenanceonce a year